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Hotel Kamýk

Mácha lake

Lesní 558, Doksy

About us

The hotel, located in the beautiful landscape of Macha Lake, is transformed by three siblings into a cozy place with high comfort and quality services. They create an ideal environment for teambuilding events, sports camps, schools and universities in the countryside, but also for traditional family and friendly holidays. At the same time, they are committed to sustainability and ecology and have a positive impact on the community by supporting young people leaving orphanages.

The hotel has a unique vision and goal to create a space that not only offers excellent service, but also helps those who need it most. It will also function as a platform for providing stable background and job opportunities, using its own resources and knowledge in collaboration with mentors. All of this is aimed at supporting young people from children’s homes who often lack a stable support system.

Key to the success of the project is the commitment to maintaining the site, which has served as a home and safe haven in the past. This place has been home to the siblings and has provided shelter to Ukrainian mothers with children for the past two years.

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